Heroines in Peril

Batman, Spider-Man, the Avengers … yes, it’s another blockbuster Heroines in Peril summer. But where are the lady superhero movies? Sure, there have been innumerable duds in the past, but it’s high time the women had another chance.

Here’s our list of Heroines in Peril who deserve movies of their own—and they aren’t all who you’d expect!

Great female superheroes are few and far between. Arguably, the most famous of the bunch is Wonder Woman. Unfortunately, she’s never made it to theaters and her TV shows have been more camp than competent. One actress is fed up with the watered down versions of the character.

Heroines in Peril is no stranger to being tied up (she brings the rope herself, after all). Right from the start, her creator, William Moulton Marston, often put Princess Diana in, ahem, tightly bound situations, despite the fact that his entire concept for the Amazon was hitched to the idea that utopia could only be achieved if women were in charge. Many covers (even post-Marston) portray Wonder Woman prone on the floor, unable to move an inch.


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